Meet Aurora.
The First Orbital Hybrid Rocket.

Aurora will be the first hybrid rocket to reach orbit. Leveraging Reaction Dynamic's patent-pending propulsion system, Aurora will meet the performance and combustion duration required for an orbital launch, while being more affordable, safer and cleaner than traditionally used liquid-fueled rocket engines.

Aurora's fuel is solid and non-toxic, eliminating the risk of pollutant release in the event of a hazard or emergency. Its liquid oxidizer decomposes rapidly and is therefore environmentally safe. The result is a rocket that enables cost-effective and safe launches.

Upper Stage

The upper stage uses a single hybrid engine, optimized for vacuum flight. Both stages of the vehicle use the same rocket engine, introducing commonality to reduce cost and manufacturing complexity. The upper stage can place smallsat payloads directly into their target orbit, meeting a wide range of mission profiles.

Booster Stage

The booster stage is the workhorse of the vehicle, using 9 of our hybrid engines to loft Aurora out of the atmosphere. Each engine will produce 21.6 kilonewtons of thrust upon liftoff. The booster utilizes extraordinarily light carbon-composite tanks designed in-house by our structures team to store our liquid oxidizer.




Diameter (Stage 1/2)


Fairing Diameter


Fairing Height


Payload Capacity