To push the boundaries of space transportation technologies by providing simple and affordable access to orbit

Our Mission

Founded in 2017, Reaction Dynamics (RDX) is developing rockets to provide routine access to earth's orbit.

The company is vertically integrated, and its current focus areas include rocket propulsion, structures, and avionics. The team applies a fast-paced, hardware-focused, agile approach to space launch, enabling the space industry to avail itself of a faster, cheaper, and more reliable access to space. Its one-of-a-kind, patent-pending hybrid propulsion technology enables these affordable launch services with short lead times.

Its innovative approach solves the persisting issue with hybrid engines: limited performance over long duration burn times. Its patent-pending rocket engine features a low part count to ensure reliability and fast production and environmentally safe propellants to minimize clean-up demands and allow for safe storage.

As a consequence, RDX can offer a combination of price, safety, reliability and fast launch services unable to be matched by competitors, that can be rapidly scaled to meet the growing small satellite launch market demand.

RDX will use this technology to deliver dedicated yet affordable launch services, opening new space utilization possibilities to small satellite companies.

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