To push the boundaries of space transportation technologies by providing simple and affordable access to orbit

Our Mission

The current small satellites market is rapidly growing. There are several new companies that are developing revolutionary technology with space application. However, there is a limited availability of launch opportunities, which adds considerable delay in getting these spacecrafts to orbit.

These companies need simple, dedicated and affordable launch services that can accommodate their small size and deliver their satellite to orbit. Reaction Dynamics aims to fill this gap with a simpler approach to rocketry and a new type of rocket engine that dramatically simplifies and reduces the cost of small orbital launch vehicle.

With its innovative hybrid engine technology, Reaction Dynamics can offer dedicated launch to orbit for small satellites at prices 2 to 4 times lower than the competition, allowing any entrepreneur with a good idea to start a space business. The launch vehicle manufactured by Reaction Dynamics presents other advantages over the competition, including improved reliability, environmental friendliness, and improve lead-times to launch.

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