The RE-201/2
An Orbital-Class Hybrid Rocket Engine

We set out to create a totally new approach to commercial launch technology, one that used hybrid propulsion to provide a more reliable and eco-friendly system. Hybrid rocket engines are not new, but they have been historically overlooked due to their performance limitations. We have solved these problems with a series of key innovations. We call this new engine the RE-201, and its subsequent iteration the RE-202. The engine is undergoing qualification testing for its first flight later this year.



4x less expensive than current market leaders


50% less equivalent CO2 per launch


Immensely safer than liquid fueled rockets

Total Control

Total control over schedule, launch date, and orbital insertion

Recycled Polymers

Recycled polymers replaces harmful fuels

Made in Canada

Fully designed and built in Canada


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", and the simplicity of our rocket design has allowed us to develop our technology at an unparalleled pace. Using additive manufacturing techniques we can manufacture new iterations of our RE-202 engine in days, not months. Our state-of-the-art rocket test facility has allowed us to run multiple rocket engine tests per day, allowing us to iterate at an incredible rate.

Before we go to orbit, we will first attempt a series of suborbital demonstration flights starting in late 2023 and continuing through 2024. Each test will incorporate more technologies required for orbital flight and will allow us to validate our designs while gaining experience in launch/ground operations, launch licensing, and vehicle tracking. These test flights will culminate in our first orbital flight.


Develop Novel Hybrid Rocket Technology

Qualification of Orbital-Class Rocket Engine

Suborbital Demonstration Flights Begin

Orbital Test Flights

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